COVID-19: Additional Safety Protocols

Entry Screening

  • All students and staff will be asked to answer pre-screening questions before coming to campus each day:
    • Have you experienced any of the following symptoms in the past 10 days?
      • Cough
      • Chills
      • Loss of Taste or Smell
      • Shortness of Breath or Difficulty Breathing
    • Have you had a fever in the past 10 days?
    • Have you traveled outside of California in the past 10 days?
    • Have you been in close physical contact with anyone who is sick or has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days?
    • Have you tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 10 days?
  • These pre-screening responses will be verified upon entry.
  • All visitors will be asked screening questions upon entry and will have their temperatures taken by means of thermal camera and/or no-touch thermometer.

Physical Distancing & Cohorting

  • Desks in classrooms are set up to provide the maximum amount of distance between students as possible
  • Students are kept in stable groups to the extent possible
  • Every classroom has a consistent seating chart and students will work only with other students near them on the chart

Improved Ventilation

  • We have upgraded air filtration in every classroom and office
  • Doors and windows are kept open when feasible to promote enhanced outdoor airflow
  • Activities are conducted outdoors when feasible