COVID-19: Visitor Policy

To maintain the safety of our front office teams, we request that visits to the school be minimized as much as possible. We encourage STEM Prep families to call the front office if they need help from a school staff member.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

To maintain the safety of our school community, anyone who steps on to a STEM Prep campus – student, staff member, family member, or visitor – must comply with the school’s health and safety protocols. These include:

  • Anyone entering school property (school buses as well as school buildings and grounds) who has contact with others (students, parents or other employees) is required to wear a cloth face covering.
  • Anyone on school property must maintain six feet of distance from other people.
  • Anyone on school property should wash their hands frequently.

If any member of the school community (student, staff member, or visitor) tests positive for or has been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19, they should notify the school Principal or email


Visitor Policy

We kindly request that visits to the school by individuals other than staff and students are avoided whenever feasible. Visitors to the school other than parents of enrolled students are limited to those who are essential for the school’s operation. Visitors are by appointment only, and we request that they come alone.

Visitors arriving at the school with non-enrolled children (e.g. younger siblings of students) must ensure that these children stay next to an adult, avoid touching any other person or any item that does not belong to them, and are masked if 2 or older and not at risk due to a respiratory condition.

Visitors may only pass through designated areas, like the lobby, offices, meeting rooms, and public restrooms, to the extent feasible, and may not interact with any cohorts.

Visitors arriving at the school must wear a face covering at all times while in the school. This applies to all adults and to children 2 years of age and older. Only individuals who have been instructed not to wear a face covering by their medical provider are exempt from wearing one. To support the safety of our employees and other visitors, a face covering will be made available to visitors who arrive without them.

All visitors over the age of 2 are required to wear a mask and to maintain six feet of distance from other people. Visitors must pass through the school’s COVID-19 screening protocol to enter the building and must sign in upon arrival.