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STEM Prep’s schools are publicly funded, which covers only the essential operational costs.

Donations and contributions help our schools implement new initiatives, improve our facilities, deliver high-quality programs and educational experiences, and improve the lives of our students.

There are a number of ways that you can support STEM Prep schools:

  • Donations – Help us provide students increased access to technology, updated facilities, and other educational resources.
  • Sponsor a Scholarship – Help STEM Prep students further their educational goals outside of STEM Prep.
  • In-Kind Contributions – Gifts in the form of goods and services, such as books, office equipment, computers, office furniture, food/refreshments, games or toys, clothes, are also greatly appreciated.

We would also like to hear about any other ideas about how you’d like to make a difference.


Donate Now

To make a donation, click the links below or mail your donation to:


STEM Preparatory Schools

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3200 W Adams Blvd.

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STEM Prep is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations and contributions are tax-deductible.


Partner With Us

Looking to get more involved?

We appreciate those who are willing to donate their time to volunteering to actively work for the school whether it’s a one-time service or a recurring activity.

To learn about volunteering or discuss additional ideas, please visit our Partner With Us page.