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Special Education at STEM Prep

Special Education at STEM Prep

STEM Preparatory Schools, Inc. (STEM Prep) is working to close the pervasive racial and gender gaps in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by preparing a highly-qualified, diverse student population in STEM subjects, better enabling our students to achieve success in high-demand, high-income, high-impact careers by ensuring not only college acceptance, but also college retention, graduation, and job placement.

This mission is inclusive of all learners, including students with disabilities, because our work and commitment to students is rooted in the phrase “All Means All.” To STEM Prep, this means that all students are entitled not only to a free high quality education, but also to an education that will disrupt the status quo and change the existing narrative for students with and without disabilities. We believe that all of our students, including those with disabilities, are capable of achieving academically and ultimately becoming STEM professionals.

Contact Details

Yvette Espinoza

Director of Special Education



Phone: (323) 795-0695

Fax: (323) 795-0696


  1. Including Procedural Rights & Safeguards (English & Spanish): A Parent’s Guide to Special Education Services
  2. The IEP & You (English & Spanish): A Guide For Parents With Information About The Individualized Education Program (IEP) Meeting
  3. The ITP & You (English & Spanish): An Informational Guide for Students with Disabilities Ages 14 and Older and Their Families about the Individual Transition Plan (ITP) 
  4. Division of Special Education