STEM Preparatory Schools

March 21, 2017

SACRAMENTO, California – The California Charter Schools Association announced today that it has awarded its Hart Vision Leader of the Year Award for 2017 to Dr. Emilio Pack, CEO of STEM Prep Schools. The prestigious honor is a recognition of Dr. Pack’s leadership in the charter school community over the past 15 years. Dr. Pack is the founder and CEO of STEM Prep Schools, a charter management organization in South Los Angeles whose mission is to disrupt the status quo by providing young women and students of color with access to the education and experiences that will enable them to succeed in the highly competitive STEM fields. The young schools are already seeing great success with 100% of students on track to graduate and 70% of graduating seniors declaring a major in a STEM-related field. Dr. Pack is also extending his leadership beyond STEM Prep with the Los Angeles Advocacy Council, a group of charter school leaders in Los Angeles working together to advocate for change that will benefit all students.